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Cool roofs are increasingly becoming popular today, especially with the summer almost closing in on us. Perhaps, the most significant benefit of having a cool roof is the relief from the heat that it brings, especially in the months when the weather gets turned up. With a cool roof, you will be taking the burden off your air conditioner for an extended period.

Of course, lessening the energy usage at home would have a direct impact on your cooling bills, while also reducing the demand for energy during peak cooling hours. This directly translates to fewer greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere, as well as a lesser rate of power outage due to overload.

Now that you know the importance of having a cool roof, let’s now move into discussing some of the ways that you can achieve a cool roof.

Retrofit Your Roof

If your roof is still relatively new and you are not yet considering a complete replacement, then retrofitting or coating with reflective materials can be a good point of action.

It is essential to state at this point that while some materials are quite easy to coat, others are not. Hence, the need to check with your local roofing contractor to find out the options available to you.


Consider Replacing with Cool Roof Materials

When it gets to that time when you would need to replace your existing roof, you would want to know the cool roof options available to you. Most roofing firms like MM Builders are ready to offer you advice on the best line of action. The possibilities are numerous, from metal roofing to reflective tiles. Whatever your choice, ensure that you are picking something that will fit your building’s design.

Install a Green Roof

Most people might consider this as an extreme option. However, if you have a flat roof and a green thumb, why not bring your home alive with a rooftop garden? Whether you want to plant some native wildflowers or grow a little grass, or even go all out to plant a vegetable garden, it all depends on what you can afford. A green roof will, however, provide you the cool you want at home.

Add Insulation

Most people are already aware that insulation is a great way to stop heat from filtering into their homes. With a spray foam insulation that’s well built to be efficient, you can expect to cut down hugely on your energy bills. By boosting your home’s insulation alone, you can shave off up to 15% of your cooling cost, even without making any investment in other options.

Whether you are just thinking about the idea of cool roofing, or you’ve tried it before, the truth remains that an energy-efficient home is something everyone would love. By keeping cooled air inside your home through this method, your Air Conditioner would get the break it deserves.

Thankfully, there are tons of firms that can help you design the perfect cool roof for your home. Get one that is reputable today to start enjoying the dividends of living in a cool home.

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