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Choosing the right solar installation company can be pretty challenging, especially with so many inexperienced firms entering the market these days. Indeed, the availability of many solar installers is supposed to be some good news, but this also means the inflow of quite a number that lacks proper training and experience.

You know how wrong things can go if you have inexperienced hands working on your solar project. This has made most people cautious of getting solar installers these days. You don’t need to be scared, however, because, with the right knowledge, you can get a solar installation company with the right level of experience.

Here, take a look at a few criteria to look out for when making your choice of a solar installation firm.


This is a factor you can’t close your eyes to in regards to any project that concerns your home. It is the first thing that most people look out for in solar installers before hiring them. One of the first things to check when it relates to expertise is certification.

Check to see if they have the right certification to work in their service area. Professional certification shows that they are well skilled in the field. Installers without necessary certificates should, however, prove their expertise to you before going ahead to hire them.

Licenses and Insurance

As a follow-up point to the one highlighted above, you need to check if the local installer has the right licenses and insurance to back their operations. Please note that these licenses and insurances would usually vary by state and local jurisdiction in some instances. With such licenses and insurance covers, you can be sure that no damage will be left unattended to throughout the process of solar installation.


Track Record and Experience

For a while now, solar has continued to grow as an industry, attracting professionals from different backgrounds. Even contractors that were once into other projects are now extending their practice to include solar installation.

During your search for the right firm, ensure that your chosen installer has a proven track record of success. This would help to give you peace of mind, assuring you that they will handle it properly.



Finally, in our list of factors to look out for is reputation. One of the most significant pointers to a company’s reputation is the reviews from past customers. Before hiring, try to check out how they performed with previous clients through online and offline reviews.

There you have it, a few factors that can help you find the best solar installation company in your area. Do not forget that their reputation stands above everything. You don’t want a solar installer that ends up causing more harm than good to your home.

Here at MM Builders, we have links with expert solar installers that can handle your installation job neatly. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you through the process.

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