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fireplace installation

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When Summer goes, and the weather begins to take a downward turn, almost everybody begins to think of bringing their fireplaces back to life. Of course, nothing can be as cozy and relaxing in this period as the warmth of your home fireplace. Fireplaces are not only comforting, but they are also the most practical means of heating your home without wasting too much gas.

Despite the level of relaxation that fireplaces bring, it is still not surprising that it can quickly become dangerous without the right level of maintenance. After all, fire remains the bad master.

It is not entirely strange to see people neglecting their fireplaces in moments when it’s not in use. They probably forget that there is no better time to give their fireplace the right maintenance than the fire burning off-season.

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Here, take a look at maintenance tips that will help:

Clean Your Chimney

You probably know this already. Nothing beats cleanliness when it comes to maintaining any part of your home. Cleaning your chimney helps to prevent fire within the chimney. Hiring a professional for a chimney sweep is, perhaps, your best bet to getting the perfect inspection and maintenance for your fireplace.

These agencies will help to ensure that there are no blockages of creosote that are known to be highly flammable.

Inspect Alarms

As much as the fire in the fireplace is comforting, it is no doubt also dangerous. You don’t want to joke with the possibilities that abound. Hence, before starting anything, there’s a need to test your fire alarms and ensure that they are in perfect condition. If they need any repair or part replacement, then you should do it before lighting up the fire. Although these alarms are built to save lives when the worst is about to happen, they should, however, be checked to ensure that they are in their right working condition.

Keep the Surrounding Area Clear

It is quite easy to forget that a misstep can be potentially disastrous around a burning fireplace. Before starting the fire, you should make sure to clear any flammable items from around the fireplace. Items like rugs, furniture, and curtains can potentially spark fire outbreaks; hence, you should pull them to at least 3 feet away from the fireplace.

Burn the Right Kind of Wood

A big mistake most people make is to think that they can use any wood in their fireplace. Well, wood type matters, perhaps, even more than you think. Hardwood like birch, ash, maple, and oak are the most popular types of woods used for this purpose. These types of wood also weigh less and burn better than fresh wood.

Remove Excess Ash

Having small ash in the fireplace makes starting the fire easier. However, too much of ash around the fireplace can easily stop airflow in the chimney. The best way to prevent this is by shoveling the ash away from close range.

The importance of maintaining a fireplace cannot be overemphasized. These tips would help you keep your fireplace safe, clean, and useful.

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