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While building an ADU can improve the functionality of a house, many homeowners don’t do it because of the cost involved. What most people fail to realize is that there are some rare occasions when homeowners can convert a pre-existing structure into a legal ADU, saving significant cost in the process.

In this post, we will examine a few factors that homeowners need to look out for in their garage before thinking of converting it into an ADU.

Before going on, there’s need to warn you beforehand that most garage conversions end up costing just as much as a new conversion. Hence, the need to be sure that it would be a good investment before doing it. Also, not all garages can be converted to an ADU for structural and zoning issues.

With that in mind, here are factors to look out for in your garage before considering a conversion.

Garage Should Not Have Structural Issue

This is the first factor to look out for. For starters, check the foundation walls and ensure that they do not have any structural issues. The foundation has to be leveled and not sagging in a corner.

Ideally, most garages would already have had foundation walls with footings that extend beneath the frosting line horizontally.

No Water Intrusion

Most people already know that water is a bad impediment for any conversion to a habitable structure.

You will commonly see that some garages smell musty, indicating the presence of a systematic water intrusion. This often shows a possible past failure in the roof. With that in mind, you will probably require a new roof to make it happen.

Most technicians would not convert such structures, because they are unsure about the depth of the damage on the foundation and framing of the structure.

The garage is Large Enough to Consider a Conversion

While you can possibly convert a 1-car garage to an ADU, we would generally advise against it. The size can cause so many restrictions while the work is going on, except you are keen on making a small house. Although there is no specific minimum size, the experts at MM Builders would rather advise that you consider conversion for a two-car garage or an over sized one car garage.

There you have it, a few factors to look out for when considering garage conversion to ADU. Of course, there are several other factors, but these are the most obvious of them. Why pass yourself through the stress of overthinking your garage conversion when you can contact the experts at MM Builders to help you do the thinking.

With years of standing experience, you can expect to hand it to us, then sit back and rest assured that we will meet and surpass your expectations.

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